Hello and welcome to Hudson Enterprises, a family owned business since 1999. That's me Roger Jr. on the left our father Roger Sr. and my brother Rick.

Between my father, Roger Sr, my brother Rick, and myself Roger JR, combined we have a total of over 86 years of active duty service.  You could say we bleed Navy Blue.  Our father spent 20 years as an enlisted sailor rising to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer.

He spent his last four years in the Navy as a Chief Warrant Officer (7341) before retiring and reverting back to (AFCM) Master Chief Petty Officer in 1980.  Rick and I chose to enlist right out of High School.  As the eldest I went in first in 1978.  

I chose to enlisted in the Navy as a an Equipment Operator (EO) within the Seabees, while my brother chose to be a Personnelman (PN) in 1982.  Later he converted to NC.  Our proudest moment was the day we pinned on our anchors as Chief Petty Officers.  In 1996 I received my commissioning as a CWO2 (7531), a year later Rick received his commissioning as a CWO2 (7411).

 In 2000, I was selected as an LDO (6531), and in November of 2004 I reverted back to CWO4 and retired in 2007.  Rick spent is last tour with Special Boat Team 22 as their Admin Officer.  While with SBT-22 he was promoted to CWO5.  We all are very proud of him.  We both are now retired and working on board the Navy Construction Battalion Center.

We are all proud to be members of the Navy's Elite LDO/CWO Mustang Community.

The name Hudson Enterprises comes from the Hudson's who served on the USS Enterprise. As a Civil Engineer Corps Officer and an Equipment Operator in the Seabees, the only time I spent on the carrier Enterprise was on Wildcat and Tiger Cruises.

You may or may not have seen the article that was posted on our web site a few years ago when the USS Enterprise wrote a story about "Warrant Officers Hudson Reunited on Enterprise." Our father was assigned to the USS Enterprise from 1970-1974. In 1972, then ADJC Hudson brought his sons aboard for a week long "Wildcat Cruise" from Hawaii to California. Rick was nine years old at the time and I was thirteen. I didn't fair well on the cruise. I came down with a bad case of seasickness on what then was the largest carrier in the Navy. That played a key role in my decision to join the Seabees vice the Fleet. I did enjoy firing the weapons off the stern of the ship though. Rick on the other hand had a blast. That's him sitting in the Captain's seat on the bridge.

Twenty-seven years later CWO2 Rick Hudson took orders to the USS Enterprise. When the ship announced they were having a "Tiger Cruise" Rick thought it would be great to bring Dad and I back for a reunion. Dad had a great time touring the ship and seeing what changes had occurred since he was on the ship. The ship obviously brought back some fond memories for him. I was just happy I didn't get seasick the second time around. 

We have always been proud to be a military family and to show off that pride we wore the traditional NAVY T-Shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc. Soon after my commissioning, I went to our local NEX to see if I could find something in the Navy Pride section that dealt with Navy Mustangs. To my surprise the only thing I found was a decal. \It was then that I decided to start my own business selling Mustang merchandise.

At that time, our oldest son Chad was attending the University of Southern Mississippi studying graphic design. I asked him to design a few new logos to put on some merchandise to sell to the LDO/CWO community.  We do our best to purchase only the best quality merchandise.  If you find our merchandise is not to your satisfaction by all means let us know so we can improve it.  Additionally, if there is something you would like to see on the site and we do not have it, let us know and we will look into getting that item added to the web site.

Since we've been in business we've received numerous accolades from Mustangs around the globe. We enjoy hearing from you throughout the fleet and look forward to serving the Navy's Elite LDO/CWO Mustang community. Roger Sr., Rick and I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who have visited the site and welcome all of you who are just visiting our site today. Please pass on this site to your fellow LDO/CWO Mustangs. 

I am proud to tell you, that since the creation of this logo, Chad has graduated from USM and is now working as a Senior Designer for TNT Sports. We're proud of him and his accomplishments. To think it all started here on our LDO/CWO website with his designs that he created for the LDO/CWO community. I'll be the first to say thank you Chad for your help in designing our logos.


Roger Hudson CWO4, CEC, USN RET

Rick Hudson CWO5, USN, RET